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Located just off of Long Prairie Road, LuminCARE’s Flower Mound clinic features primary care and personalized medical services to meet the needs of the entire family. As part of the integrated Lumin Health system, comprehensive care is just down the street at LuminCARE Flower Mound.

LuminCARE Flower Mound Clinic Director

Dr. Maheswari Raja is a Board-certified family medicine physician with diverse experience in all aspects of primary care, including inpatient medicine, urgent care, workers’ compensation / non-subscriber, preventative treatment, and outpatient chronic and acute care. With a passion for comprehensive, well-rounded patient treatment and extensive medical expertise, Dr. Raja is also an active member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, the Texas Academy of Family Physicians and the Texas Medical Association. Read more…

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LuminCARE is proud to feature a diverse range of services. Each of our clinic locations has a physician on-site, as well as several practitioners and medical assistants.

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